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Starting Sunday, March 22, 2020 Salem will begin live streaming our worship services. We will be utilizing Facebook Live initially for our streaming and plan to add YouTube in the very near future.

If you don’t yet follow us on Facebook and you have a Facebook account, please check us out on Facebook by visiting us here https://www.facebook.com/SUMC.Newton/ and click on the gray Like button. Once you have followed us we recommend that you enable notifications for when we go live. If you need help enabling these notifications you can visit this page https://www.facebook.com/help/208481212895336 which will show you how. With notifications enabled you will be notified when we go live and start streaming. You can watch the livestream inside of Facebook.

If you are watching on Facebook you can interact with us during the sermon by leaving comments. We will be trying to monitor these comments while we livestream. Please note that these comments are public and will remain even after the livestream is over and the video has been published to our Facebook page. If you notice issues during the stream with video, audio, etc, you can leave a comment or send a message on Facebook messenger and we will try and get it fixed. You can also send a prayer request using the comments while watching or send it to us through Facebook messenger. If you make a comment on the video please remember it will be public for anyone to see. If you wish for it to be private please send it via Facebook Messenger.

If you don’t have (or don’t want to have) a Facebook account, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to watch our livestreams. We will be embedding the livestream right on the front page of our website. If you visit http://www.salemumc-newton.org Sunday morning starting anytime after around 9:55 you will see our livestream on the front page. This will let anyone view our live-streamed worship service even if you don’t have access to Facebook. You can see an image of what this will look like below.

Example of what the livestream will look like on our website.

The livestream should start as soon as you visit the website and we are livestreaming. You can hover over the video to unmute the video (if you don’t hear audio) or to make the video full screen.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Also please share this on your social media channels via the share buttons below to help us get the word out.